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What Are The Benefits Of Shockwave Therapy?

What Are The Benefits Of Shockwave Therapy

In shockwave therapy, radial “shockwaves” get directed toward the affected body part or area. The professionals use an applicator to direct the waves. Shockwave therapy has been the subject of extensive scientific study in recent years. A review of the published studies demonstrates that many people benefit from shockwave therapy. There are several instances to support its benefits.

What Do You Mean By Shockwave Therapy?

What Do You Mean By Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is applicable to treat diseases, conditions, and injuries to help patients feel better and regain their mobility. The professionals apply a high-energy acoustic wave to the damaged o affected area. The waves are in the form of pulses or vibrations that aim to eliminate stiffness in muscles. Shockwave therapy was originally applicable to treat kidney stones without harming the skin more than 20 years ago. Shockwave therapy has evolved to include several therapies and treatments because of technology and innovation, particularly musculoskeletal intervention.

What Are The Advantages of Shockwave Therapy?

What Are The Advantages of Shockwave Therapy

Aside from the apparent and remarkable physical benefits already discussed, there are additional to consider.

Simple and Quick

An average shockwave treatment session lasts between 15 and 20 minutes and emits between 2500 and 3000 shocks.

Minimal Discomfort

Several patients do not express any pain or discomfort. It is because they have a different pain threshold. It gets influenced by the severity of the injury. The range can be changed as needed throughout the course to suit.

Reduction In The Risk

Shockwave therapy is an efficient treatment with few hazards for the patient compared to other therapies, surgeries, or medications. It is non-intrusive and has no bearing on prescription drugs.

Limited Sessions

Due to its intensity and accuracy, unlike some other therapies, many patients begin to see benefits after just a few sessions.

We will be able to give you an idea of how many sessions you would require based on the severity of the injury, following your initial examination and indication of your tissue reaction.

It Is Effective

More studies are emerging to demonstrate the advantages to shockwave therapy; in studies, it is a treatment that repeatedly yields favorable effects and outcomes.

The Therapy Is A Team Player

Shockwave therapy is efficient on its own. But depending on your condition, professionals can combine it with other treatments.

What Ailments Is Shockwave Therapy Used To Treat?

Shockwave therapy is well known for curing tendon or ligament problems, but it’s also very good at healing tight, painful, or injured muscles. Many clients experience relief from the ailments after the session. The pain can be due to persistent trauma.

Shockwave therapy is applicable to target locations, primarily in the back, shoulder, elbow, hip, and leg, but not exclusively. Here are a few conditions where the therapy works well.

  • Achilles tendon swelling (Achilles tendinopathy)
  • Aching in the foot’s arch or under the heel (Plantar fasciitis)
  • Jogger’s Knee (Patellar tendinopathy)
  • Lateral/medial epicondylitis or lateral epicondylalgia, sometimes known as tennis or golfer’s elbow
  • Shoulder frozen (Periarticular shoulder pain)
  • Calcifications in the tendons (Calcific tendinopathy)
  • Internal hip/buttock pain (Gluteus medius tendinopathy or trochanteric bursitis)
  • Hamstring discomfort in the buttocks (Hamstring tendinopathy)
  • Studies have indicated that shockwave therapy is effective for several ailments. It includes cellulite, carpal tunnel syndrome, non-healing fractures, and facet joints. So it is safe to state that shockwave therapy has a lot of beneficial applications in physiotherapy.

    What Should I Anticipate From Shockwave Therapy?

    Shockwave therapy is a safe, non-invasive, affordable alternative to surgery in cases where other conservative treatments have failed. Many recipients see improvements from their first session in the short term, and as part of a long-term treatment plan, recipients see durable, long-lasting outcomes.

    As with other medicines, there may be side effects. The adverse effects of shockwave therapy are often mild and primarily localized to the affected area. They may consist of:

  • Minimal edema or bruising
  • Short-term pain or discomfort
  • Minor tingling or aching
  • Overall, the recovery time following shockwave therapy is significantly less than it would be following surgical intervention. Your body functionality and quality of life will improve with a reduction in pain.


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