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HCG Weight-loss Program

Detoxify Your Body And Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat

hcg diet for weight-loss

Prescription HCG Diet

Looking for a clinic to get the HCG Diet plan in Las Vegas? The iuventus medical center offers a medically supervised HCG Weight-Loss Program that offers many benefits including fast loss of visceral fat. The combination of a low-calorie diet and the prescription HCG allows the resetting of your hypothalamus, which controls satiation and hunger, leading to an opportunity to have long-term weight loss success.

Our treatment plans include the use of the prescription HCG and weekly meetings with a licensed medical specialist who will guide you through the program. Register for our short-term program (23 days HCG/21 day maintenance) if you intend to lose 20 pounds or less. Our long-term program (40 days HCG/21 days maintenance) will be ideal for those who intend to lose more than 20 pounds of excessive weight.

In case you feel you haven’t reached your weight goal, you can always sign up for another session. Our HCG Weight-Loss Program has 5 phases designed to achieve maximum results.

Five Phases Of The HCG Weight-loss Program
Phase 1: Intestinal Detoxification (optional)

This phase lasts 15 days. During this period you will have to refuse from consuming some types of food and take supplements for detox. This step is important as it often happens that people have a difficult time losing weight because of toxins accumulated in their body. The more fat you have, the more toxins your body will retain. As you lose weight, fat cells will release those toxins into the bloodstream. Detoxification helps to get rid of toxins that impact your weight loss success in the following ways:

  • They increase the satiety response time
  • They slow down metabolism
  • They decrease your ability to burn calories

Phase 2: - Loading

During the first two days, you will be taking vitamins and the prescription HCG. You will “load” calories to speed up your metabolism and eat high-calorie and high-fat foods.

Phase 3: - Very Low-calorie Diet

During the next 21-38 days, depending on the program you choose, you will need to follow a regimented VLCD, take vitamins, and the prescription HCG. If you strictly adhere to the diet, you will get optimal results in weight loss.

Phase 4: - Transition

This is a 3-day phase in which you will continue with the VLCD but without the prescription HCG. This phase will allow your body to get ready for the 5th phase of the program.

Phase 5: Post Diet

This is the most important phase of the diet. During this 21 days you will GRADUALLY begin adding foods (with 1-week intervals) that were not permitted in phase 3. This will allow your digestive system to adjust and identify what hormonal imbalances are responsible for your weight gain.

You need to understand that to maintain your results you should not go back to your old eating habits. It’s crucial to be committed to this portion of the diet the same way you were committed to the VLCD phase.


Meal Plan Components​

The food plan we develop for the VLCD and Transition phases is very particular and needs to be strictly followed to achieve optimal weight-loss results. Also, it’s essential to drink 64oz of water per day. The prescription HCG will help to deal with food cravings and adhere to the program more easily. We believe that our plan is doable and everyone can achieve amazing results.

Begin The HCG Diet To Lose Weight

And Become A Better Version Of You!