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Men’s Health Clinic in Las Vegas

It Takes A Real Man To Face The Problem

Iuventus Medical Center - Las Vegas men’s health Specialist

Men’s health is a very important issue. One that often gets overlooked by men themselves. Research shows that the majority of men put work above health and would never take time off work hours to visit a doctor. At the same, men led less healthy lifestyles than women as they smoke and drink more frequently which in turn means that they are more prone to heart and lung diseases. Not to mention such an important issue as erectile dysfunction that are sweeping the male population. According to the recent research, 30 million men are affected by ED – these are 30 million reasons not to put your health on the back burner anymore.

Another issue is that men often fall victims to the stigma that that admitting sickness is a sign of weakness. They also feel ashamed to speak to anyone about such an intimate problem. Sounds familiar? Remember: erectile dysfunction happens to every man from time to time, and any disease can be prevented or easily cured if detected early on, so book an appointment at our men’s health clinic in Las Vegas right now and get a routine check-up by one of our experienced specialists.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence) is the inability to get an erection or keep it long enough to have sex. ED can be caused by various factors ranging from simple stress to more serious issues such as heart diseases. The doctors in our men’s medical clinic will examine your health thoroughly to discover any underlying conditions that may cause your erectile dysfunction. They will then design a treatment plan, discussing different options with you. ED can put a lot of stress on a man, diminish his self-confidence, and draw a wedge between him and his sexual partner. Don’t let erectile dysfunction ruin your life and relationships – receive treatment and get your life back on track!


How to diagnose ED?

A visit to a men’s medical clinic starts with your doctor gathering your health history. Then you will discuss what bothers you to determine the symptoms. You may have to do a few tests and provide blood and urine samples to check if there are any underlying conditions. The doctor will examine your genitals, listen to your heart and lungs, check the blood pressure. You may also need to get a rectal exam to check the prostate.

Our Las Vegas men’s health clinic services

Iuventus medical center offers the following solutions to men’s health issues:

If you want to improve your sexual performance, stop googling “men’s health clinic near me” and book an appointment with one of our top specialists right now! At IUVENTUS MEDICAL, you will always get access to the latest, innovative treatments presented on the market. If you want to find out more about the treatments that we offer and IUVENTUS Men’s Health Clinic prices, contact us at any time.


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