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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

It’s Time To Rekindle Your Love Life!

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction (also known as ED) is a problem that has been undermining men’s health for ages. Inability to achieve an erection may be imprinted on individual’s mind and significantly affect relationships with their partners. However, you have to know there is always a way out. At iuventus medical center, we can provide every patient an effective erectile dysfunction treatment through the use of the latest achievements in medicine. With us, you can overcome sexual inability and get your confidence back. As of today, there are 20% of men suffering from sexual dysfunction (according to the statistics provided by the National Institutes of Health). The worst about impotence is that it affects an individual at the psychological level and puts them under considerable pressure.

Until recently, aging has been considered to be the only factor resulting in sexual inability. Now erectile dysfunction specialists can point out a myriad of other causes too. At our medical center, we do everything it takes for you to know how to cope with this condition successfully.

Erectile DysfunctionExplained​

Impotence is a condition that affects a man’s ability to develop an erection when sexually aroused. Insufficient blood flow to a penis, dysfunction of muscles responsible for relaxation, and inability to maintain the penile flow are the most common symptoms of ED. Apart from these, reduced interest in sex may be another feature of impotence. At iuventus medical center, we specialize in providing erectile dysfunction treatment in Las Vegas for every case.


Impotence And


Erectile dysfunction is often associated with aging and inevitability. Fortunately, this is a common misconception. Although the risk of ED does increase when a man gets older, the tendency is not so unfortunate as you might think. As reported by the National Institutes of Health, only 15%-25% of men suffer from any type of sexual inability at the age of 65+ while 5% of them have erection-related problems at the age of 40. Nevertheless, the penile blood flow can always be increased by ED treatment medications irrespective of patient’s age.

Possible Causes

As sexual inability may affect a man at any age, it’s of paramount importance to be aware of all its causes. When it comes to describing physical factors, erectile dysfunction doctors most often refer to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and heart disease. Apart from these illnesses, heavy alcohol consumption and smoking may also result in impotence.

Although 80% of patients looking for ED treatment have physical factors, other causes should be mentioned as well. An erection is achieved as a result of a complex sequence at the psychological level, meaning that such conditions as restlessness, depression, and stress may also lead to the dysfunction and reduced interest in sex.

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