Shockwave therapy for back pain and other conditions

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At iuventus medical center, we know how debilitating it is to have a musculoskeletal injury. Things may get even worse if your treatment plan includes nothing but mountains of pills. There is no denying that medications you’re taking may prove effective in the long run, but is it worth tolerating their multiple side effects? If you are seeking an alternative treatment that doesn’t involve pills, you may want to consider getting shockwave therapy for back pain or anything else that affects your well-being. It’s a non-invasive, non-drug procedure intended to help people treat their musculoskeletal disorders and restore mobility. Simply put, shockwave therapy is about applying high-amplitude acoustic pulses to the injured area to speed up natural healing processes in the body. This treatment results in many positive effects on soft tissues, bones, and tendons, which is why it is often used in rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy these days.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain in the back, shockwave therapy may be the ideal option you’ve been looking for. The majority of patients with musculoskeletal injuries report the tangible improvement in mobility and relief once they complete the first course of treatment. As evidenced by multiple cases, shockwave therapy is beyond compare when it comes to alleviating pain in such regions of the back as lumbar and cervical spine, among others. What is more, many studies have been carried out to prove that shockwave therapy delivers spectacular results when it comes to reducing cellulite. It improves the dimpled appearance of your skin and removes those unwanted flaws on your thighs and buttocks. That is why we offer two modalities of shockwave therapy, depending on what ails you. Feel free to choose the option that meets your needs best:


Shockwave therapy for hip mobility impairments and ankle pain

Statistics show that thousands of people get injured while doing sports, at the workplace, or under routine circumstances. Traumas that cause acute pain every time you move are one of the most common of those injuries.

Shockwave therapy is indeed helpful when dealing with talocrural joint, hip, and heel traumas. Since it directs acoustic pulses to the trigger points in the injured area and significantly improves blood flow there, you will enjoy pain relief almost immediately. Also, the treatment stimulates your body’s healing processes so that your mobility functions are restored faster.

Due to its immense potential, physiotherapists often use shockwave therapy for ankle and heel injuries. Acoustic pulses help get rid of unwanted calcium deposits which can cause soreness and other severe complications. Besides, they boost collagen production in the individual’s body and, therefore, repair damaged ligaments. That is why doctors recommend receiving shockwave therapy for heel pain and the following:

  • bone spurs;
  • golfer’s elbow;
  • rotator cuff tendinitis;
  • jumper’s knee;
  • Achilles tendinitis;
  • hip bursitis;
  • and many other conditions.