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What is Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

What is Erectile Dysfunction Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to successfully get and keep a firm erection even in times of sexual excitement and arousal therefore, making it difficult, if not totally impossible, to have sexual intercourse.

This disorder can lead to many problems, including stress, low self-esteem, depression, anger, relationship problems, and impotence.

Understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatments available to you is extremely important. Erectile Dysfunction can be treated! Take the upper hand and seek treatment.


Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


The causes of Erectile Dysfunction are numerous and can range from strong medications to illnesses, stress, a shift of hormones or a change in emotions.

The process of getting sexually aroused and keeping that arousal firm for men is very complex. It involves the “Perfect function” of internal body mechanisms like the brain, the hormones, nerves, emotions, muscles, and even the blood vessels in order to achieve a perfect erection.

It is important to note that “Perfect function” is the crucial part of this puzzle. Any problem with even one single part of this system has the ability to alter the whole process and trigger erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction causes can be classified into 3 groups:

• Physical causes: which includes age, alcohol and/or drug abuse, tobacco use, sleep disorders.

• Psychological causes: depression, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and relationship problems.

• Medical causes: heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, High blood pressure, several medications, surgeries or injuries and other health problems.


Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction:


• Not able to have a erection

• Not able to maintain an erection

• No sexual drive

• Low sexual drive

Having a weak erection once in a while is not a reason to be alarm, however, having consistent problems in obtaining a full erection or maintaining that full erection for some time is a call for alarm and you should seek medical advice immediately.

Another major symptom of erectile dysfunction is a reduced sex drive or a very low or no sexual desire which can come out of nowhere and happen all of a sudden.

Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction

Leading a healthy life free of worries is the best way to prevent erectile dysfunction from ever happening to you.

Part of the healthy things you should incorporate into your life includes:

• Stop or reduce smoking

• Limit your intake of alcohol

• Exercise regularly

• Take bold steps in order to reduce stress

• Get professional help when you feel anxious or depressed

• Go for regular health check ups

• Monitor your blood sugar level and treat your heart disease if you have one


Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction can easily be treated with the right medications and in some extreme cases with surgery. However, in some non-medical cases, erectile dysfunction simply requires the treatment of the underlying cause in order for a long term cure and for the disorder to be reversed.

Here are 2 simple ways to achieve quick erections.

1. Using a penis pump:

This tool simply helps redirect blood into the penis and induces erection and can be used by those with medical challenges like diabetes.

2. Clogged arteries:

When your blood arteries are clogged, getting an erection and maintaining it can become very difficult. The best way to solve this is by taking medications and exercising regularly.

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