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High Dose IV Vitamin C


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SKU: vitaminc5k

Boost your immune System!

Research shows that supplementation with intravenous (iv) Vitamin C can be beneficial for our bodies. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t produce Vitamin C on its own. Therefore, intravenous supplementation is very important and provides 100% absorption.


  • Medical Consultation & Physical Examination
  • Full Body Composition Analysis
  • G6PD Blood Test
  • 5000 mg Vitamin C IV Drip Session (non corn source).

Higher doses of Vitamin C Drips require a G6PD test result before administering.

product info:

This powerful antioxidant can also help fight the signs of aging. Supplementing Vitamin C intravenously is a great way to ensure your collagen remains in healthy condition. It also helps eliminate toxins and heavy metals from our bodies while combating free radicals and can also help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

This procedure is a 30-45 minute infusion and for best results, it is recommended to be done on a weekly basis.

Vitamin C IV Therapy in Las Vegas!

refund policy:

Pay with confidence. There will be an initial medical consultation prior to starting treatment. If our medical provider finds contraindications for this treatment, we will issue a full refund.