High dose of vitamin C IV – a potential universal cure for cancer and Lyme disease

vitamin mineral supplementation

It is no secret that vitamin C is good for you. But can it be that we have greatly underestimated its benefits this whole time? What if it can effectively fight diseases far more complicated than a common cold? Recent researches have shown that high dose of vitamin C IV can treat various inflammatory and oxidative stress-related conditions like cancer and Lyme diseases. What is more, unlike chemotherapy, radiation, and antibiotics, vitamin C affects only cancerous cells, without harming the healthy ones. Thus, this kind of therapy is less toxic to the body. In addition to this, vitamin C is one of the most common and cheapest supplements in the world, which makes it a more affordable solution than traditional treatments.

Sure, there is no way to guarantee that vitamin C IV therapy will help in your particular case, but there is hardly any harm in adding it to your regular treatment plan. iuventus medical center performs high dose vitamin C infusions at reasonable prices. Make an appointment with one of our qualified specialists to check if vitamin therapy can help you get on the road to the recovery!

Benefits of high dose vitamin C IV therapy for cancer and Lyme disease

If you are considering alternative treatments for cancer, we suggest giving vitamin C IV a try. How can it help? There are atoms in your body called free radicals. They damage cells, causing oxidative stress. This leads to aging and various heart, cancer, and autoimmune diseases as well as neurodegenerative disorders. And that is where antioxidants come in. They neutralize excess free radicals, helping your body cope with oxidative stress before it can cause any serious damage. Interesting fact: the bodies of injured animals start producing more vitamin C to trigger fast regeneration. Unfortunately, human bodies don’t do that. But we can easily get vitamin C from external sources! High dose vitamin C IV therapy for Lyme disease and cancer fills your body with enough antioxidants to fight the illness naturally. Contact us today to try this revolutionary alternative treatment!

High dose vitamin C IV therapy dosage

Before you went to your kitchen and started stuffing yourself with dozens of lemons or bell peppers, let us tell you that the secret behind the vitamin therapy lies in the dosage and the delivery method. High dose vitamin C IV therapy dosage for cancer patients is about 350 to 400 milligrams per deciliter. This is how much it takes to make cancer cells disintegrate. It is more than 300 times more than your normal level of vitamin C. And studies have shown that oral delivery doesn’t produce high enough concentration to fight cancer. The best method in this case is IV. Intravenous infusions deliver vitamin C straight to the bloodstream in the shortest time, allowing to reach the needed concentration instantly.