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Treat Golfer’s Elbow With Shockwave Therapy

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Golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow is a generic musculoskeletal pain that many sportspeople and regular people experience. People try to get rid of the pain and inflammation by taking painkillers or some prescription drugs. But medicines are not very effective in the treatment of tennis elbow. The medication will provide relief only temporarily. As the effect of the dose gradually reduces, the pain will resurface. That is the reason doctors employ shockwave therapy for treating the Golfer’s elbow. If you have ever experienced a golfer’s elbow, you may know that it not only affects the elbow but also affects the supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments.


How does the golfer’s elbow happen?


Golfer’s elbow usually occurs when the elbow muscles, tendons, and ligaments get overused. If you ignore the mild elbow pain, it will spread to the wrist and forearm. Gradually, the stiffness in the large muscles and supporting muscles increase. This stiffness in muscles leads to immobility and pain.


What Do We Mean By A Golfer’s Elbow?


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The technical name of the golfer’s elbow is lateral epicondylitis. It is a type of injury that leads to musculoskeletal pain. It is unnecessary to play golf to experience a golfer’s elbow. Any repetitive activities that involve the arm muscles can cause golfers below. For doctors, it is a very complex problem to treat. The golfer’s elbow pain may recur even after the treatment. The treatment can get prolonged for a few months. To provide effective treatment, healthcare professionals will employ shockwave therapy. With the help of shockwave therapy, the professional will eliminate the pain and inflammation from the muscles and not let it reoccur. Within a few months, you will not feel any pain and stiffness in the muscles.


What Are The Symptoms Of Golfer’s Elbow?


Expert healthcare professionals suggest a few common symptoms of a golfer’s elbow.

  • You will feel mild pain in the elbow bone. If you are not treating the pain, it will start radiating to the forearm.
  • The mild pain will increase to a sharp pain in the entire arm.
  • There could be inflammation while twisting the muscles of the hand.
  • You might experience pain while holding objects or tightening the grip.
  • There will be stiffness in the surrounding muscles of the elbow.



What Is Shockwave Therapy? How does it help treat a golfer’s Elbow?


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Shockwave therapy is one of the most advanced ways of treating a golfer’s elbow. It is effective in reducing pain and inflammation. In shockwave therapy, the different mechanically produced pulses are applied to the affected muscles. The effect of the shock wave pulses will be felt under the skin and treat the affected muscles. The stronger the waves, the more impact they will have on the muscles. Physiotherapists will not apply a strong pulse in the initial stage. They will diagnose your elbow. The diagnosis will help in understanding whether you can tolerate the strong pulses. Using severe shockwaves will also depend on the severity of the muscle pain and injury.

If your body is not in a position to handle strong shockwaves, the professionals will start the treatment with mild shockwaves. With mild shock waves, the muscles’ stiffness will diminish. It will increase muscle mobility and help you regain your total hand movement. The strong shockwave will reduce pain from the affected muscles and surrounding ligaments.

Shockwave therapy is employed to ensure that the problem does not reoccur. Along with the treatment, the professional will suggest you follow some stretching exercises. The stretching exercises will ensure that the muscles remain flexible and strong.

Besides treatment and exercise, you need to focus on the consumption of nutritional food. The food you consume will provide energy and strength to the arm muscles. The professional will make sure that the treatment is effective and does not lead to the recurrence of pain.




Shockwave therapy is highly effective and provides a fast treatment. You need to reach out to the best healthcare professionals who will provide you with effective treatment for the golfer’s elbow. Iuventus medical center is a reliable and trustworthy medical center with expert staff. They will provide overall treatment and ensure that this musculoskeletal pain does not reoccur. Shockwave therapy is highly effective for treating a golfer’s elbow, and most doctors will use it to cure your problem.

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