IV therapy with Myers cocktail health solution

vitamin and mineral supplementation

If you have been suffering from fatigue or depression recently, it might not be your fault. It could simply be the case that you are not getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Dr. John Myers, a Maryland physician, saw that some people were not getting the correct amount of nourishment, so he developed a concoction of nutrients to treat various medical conditions. Dr. Alan Gaby continued Dr. Myers’ research after his death, perfecting the treatment with each new patient. Eventually, he developed what is now known as the Myers IV Cocktail, which contains the following:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B (B6, B5, and B12)
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

These nutrients are mixed with sterile water and then given to you through an IV over a period of ten minutes to an hour. You can rest assured that our medical team has all the necessary training and knowledge to deliver this treatment if we feel that it is appropriate for you

Myers cocktail IV and why some people need it

Sometimes we are not able to get enough of the nutrients we need by simply eating or drinking, especially Magnesium and Vitamin C, which in high, oral doses, can result in diarrhea and other inconvenient side effects. Others have problems ingesting certain nutrients because they have digestive issues. Some people, like athletes, need the Myers IV hydration cocktail because they push their bodies extremely hard. Their oral intake of nutrients sometimes can’t keep up with the demands of their physical training regimen. In all of these cases, an IV cocktail is what is needed because the body absorbs nutrients faster intravenously. If you fall under any of these categories, you should consider receiving the Myers cocktail.

IV vitamin therapy with the Myers cocktail and how it can help you

The best thing about the Myers’ IV therapy cocktail is that almost anyone can benefit from using it. It is great for people who have to constantly endure high amounts of physical and mental stress. Those experiencing the following problems can benefit from using our serum:

  • Muscle spasms
  • Seasonal allergies and sinusitis
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Chronic migraine headaches

The Myers cocktail can help you to more easily deal with these problems by increasing the state of your overall health. For those who are about to participate in highly physically demanding activities, the serum would be great. It is useful for events such as:

  • Triathlons
  • Biathlons
  • Marathons
  • Long distance hiking, biking, or swimming
  • Season-long athletic events (football, ice hockey, basketball, etc.)

By receiving the Myers IV hydration cocktail several times throughout the course of four or five weeks before the beginning of the event or season, you could have a competitive edge over your opponents!