Vitamin and mineral supplementation from iuventus medical center

vitamin and mineral supplementation

Daily vitamin and mineral supplements provide your body with a variety of valuable nutrients that are found in everyday foods. They are what we call multivitamins. These supplements come in many forms such as liquids, tablets, chewables, and powder mixes. They usually contain:

  • Water Soluble Vitamins

  • Vitamins B and C fall under this category because after they enter your body, they are passed very quickly. Nutrients like thiamine, niacin, and biotin are B and C vitamins, and your body needs them to maintain a healthy immune system and keep your nerves and cells healthy.

  • Fat Soluble Vitamins

  • Vitamins A, D, E, and K do not pass through your body as quickly as water soluble ones do. Your body instead stores them in your cells and liver for later use.

  • Minerals

  • Calcium, zinc, and iron are elements that your body needs to function properly. Minerals do everything from helping you to build stronger bones to increasing the efficiency of your nervous system.

Your body needs these nutrients to function at a high level. If you think that your regular diet is not enough to provide you with these essential vitamins and minerals, you should consider visiting the medical professionals at iuventus medical center.

The benefits of taking complete vitamin and mineral supplements

Most people can get the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals their bodies need by eating a balanced diet of meat, fruit, vegetables, and grains. Sometimes people who do all the right things, however, still do not get enough of the healthy nutrients their bodies need to function properly.
People who need supplements are:

  • Highly physically active who do intensive athletic training on a regular basis
  • People with food allergies or vegetarians
  • Men and women over the age of 40 or 50 who are still wanting to maintain an active lifestyle
  • Individuals who are recovering from an injury

If this describes you, our highly knowledgeable medical professionals can get you on a proper and complete vitamin and mineral supplement regimen that will improve your overall health. Here’s what you can go for:

  • NAD IV Therapy. NAD plays an important role in metabolism regulation. By receiving this therapy, you can make up the deficiency if this is the case.
  • IV Myers’ Cocktail. A mixture of all essential nutrients is now available with one infusion. Buy our IV Myers’ cocktail to get a powerful blend of minerals and vitamins.
  • IV High-Dose Vitamin C. Your body cannot produce sufficient amounts of collagen without vitamin C. This treatment is designed to make sure your reservoir is always full.
  • Vitamin D Injections. Get an adequate amount of vitamin D to ensure that your bones are strong. All you need to do is receive this treatment.
  • IV Glutathione. Consider getting glutathione injections to boost your immune system. It is primarily known for its antioxidan https://iuventusmedcenter.com/vitamin-mineral-supplemet properties and cell protection functions.