Shockwave therapy: Back pain is no longer the case

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There are a lot of factors that may lead to chronic pain in the back. Some doctors are sure that twists and falls are the most common of them, whereas others consider a sedentary lifestyle the number one reason why your back hurts so much. No matter the nature of the cause, you are likely to end up with piles of painkillers and a whole bunch of adverse effects unless you choose to seek an alternative treatment. If taking meds ten times a day doesn’t work for you, make a switch to shockwave therapy for back pain, heel discomfort, or any other musculoskeletal condition that is ruining your life.

As a breakthrough in rehabilitation and physical therapy, shockwave treatments have the potential to supersede frequently prescribed medications and surgeries when it comes to easing chronic pain. Essentially, they are a series of acoustic pulses applied to the damaged area to help your body activate the self-healing mode.

The positive relationship between shock wave therapy and pain relief was established more than a decade ago when it was used to deal with tennis elbow, sprains, strains, and other sports injuries. And now you can benefit from this alternative treatment at Iuventus Medical Center where we use the most sophisticated devices to stimulate repair processes in your body with acoustic waves.

Why use shockwave therapy for chronic back pain?

Shockwave therapy offers those who suffer from pain an abundance of advantages, including:

  • Immediate relief

  • This therapy is usually given as a set of several treatments with the tangible results being delivered once the first one is received. The thing is that acoustic waves can increase blood flow to sore spots, break up calcium deposits, and add to the collagen production, which enables your body to heal itself faster.

  • Drug-free solution

  • The reason why patients turn to shockwave therapy for heel pain and back discomfort more and more often is that it allows them to steer clear of medications and surgeries. Neither painkillers nor physical interventions are included in the shockwave treatment plan so that you can avoid side effects and long recovery periods.

  • Effective treatment for a number of mobility impairments

  • Shockwave therapy for chronic back pain is not the only application of this revolutionary treatment. Its range of therapeutic indications also includes jumper’s knee, hip bursitis, shoulder injuries, Achilles tendinitis, tennis elbow, muscle tightness, and the list goes on. Almost all musculoskeletal impairments can be treated with acoustic waves.