NAD IV drips as brain restoration therapy

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Who wouldn’t want to fend off age-related health issues? Well, this indeed has been something of the world of make-believe up until recently. But owing to the medical advances in the 21st century and NAD IV therapy, in particular, reversing the aging processes now seems like a fairly realistic idea. To put it simply, this all-natural treatment is intended to positively influence your body’s sirtuins, which are essential for a variety of physiological processes, including cognitive performance. Dozens of studies show outstanding results of NAD IV drips as brain restoration therapy, and you can make the most out of it at iuventus medical center.

NAD is a cellular cofactor that performs a myriad of vital functions in metabolism. Apart from playing a role in converting food into body energy, NAD is also of paramount importance for sirtuin regulation, meaning that the latter depends on it.

However, the amount of NAD in the human body decreases as we get older. Consequently, this leads to deficiency and undermines your resistance to neurodegenerative diseases. To avoid the maladies of that kind, you may get your NAD supplemented by receiving intravenous treatments at our medical center. This will make up for the deficiency and result in:

  • reduced brain fog and enhanced clarity;
  • improved concentration and focus;
  • better memory;
  • refreshed cognitive abilities;
  • overall brain rejuvenation.

NAD IV therapy for addiction recovery

If you’re seeking treatment to curb your craving for alcohol, drugs, or any other substance, you should definitely consider going for NAD IV therapy. No, it’s not a miracle cure but something that is far more effective than your current recovery program. It has been confirmed that the alcohol abuse depletes nutrients, vitamins, and NAD levels in the body, making it extremely complicated to replenish them with traditional medications. Unlike them, intravenous NAD treatments can supplement your natural reserves and get the remaining drugs out of your system.

Besides, NAD IV therapy for addiction recovery may be your best alternative to oral medications because it:

  • eases withdrawal symptoms;
  • minimizes the risk of relapse;
  • restores cell functioning;
  • detoxifies your body;
  • speeds up recovery with no side effects involved.