Sweeping all doubts aside, such ED treatments as blue pills, penile injections, and vacuum constriction devices can work wonders.

botox and dysport injections

However, they all have a hard-to-overlook downside: their miraculous effects are one-time-only, meaning that you have no other way but to use them repeatedly, namely before every sexual intercourse. This is what makes these treatments inferior to shockwave therapy for ED, the one that can bring about long-term results without any pills and invasive procedures.

Have you had enough of those medications and pump-like devices? Give your sex life a second chance by undergoing the treatment with extracorporeal shock waves for ED. It is recommended by urologists and has already become one of the most popular options among men with erectile dysfunction for the simple reason that it can cure. It can restore your natural ability to achieve erections and help you maintain them on your own.

The mechanism of shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction

As you probably know, erections occur when your brain messages cause the corpora cavernosa to open up, thereby letting blood in. So, if you are suffering from an inability to get an erection, this happens due to blood flow problems nine times out of ten. Given that, all treatments for ED are intended to facilitate the relaxation of penile muscles so that blood fills the spaces; and shockwave therapy is no exception.

Men with ED, for the most part, have plaque build-ups in their blood vessels, which results in their arteries being narrowed, hardened, or blocked. When this occurs, blood cannot flow to the penis, making it impossible to obtain an erection. With the shockwave treatment for ED, however, all blockage-related problems can be effectively fixed.

This therapy works by applying low-intensity acoustic waves and spreading them over erectile tissue. The energy unclogs penile arteries and removes plaque from blood vessels, which is similar to extracorporeal shock waves when used to break up kidney stones. In addition to fixing natural erectile function, this treatment also encourages the development of new blood vessels, called neovascularization. As a result, nothing can interfere with the penile blood flow, and erections are formed the way they are supposed during sexual arousal.