Highly active professionals spend their waking hours doing various tasks and going to and fro. When they come home, they often find it difficult to come down from the stressful situations they encounter, which makes it extremely difficult for them to fall and stay asleep. Those most affected by these troubles are people whose jobs require them to travel internationally or work in shifts. If what was written above accurately describes your lifestyle, you should consider getting melatonin replacement therapy.

melatonin replacement therapy

The benefits of melatonin replacement therapy

International travel often leads to jet lag, which can make you incredibly fatigued because your body has yet to adjust to the new time zone. Melatonin replacement supplements reduce the effects of jet lag significantly and, in some cases, eliminates it. This occurs because melatonin can get your circadian rhythm back in sync faster. This will enable your body to get used to the huge time change.

Those who work in shifts, such as military personnel and first responders, often are frequently exhausted because they can’t sleep during the day, and when they come to their shifts, they are unable to perform at peak efficiency. Melatonin supplements have been shown to help these individuals sleep more deeply and easily during the day, allowing them to come to work fresh and tackle another shift.

Other people who can benefit from melatonin replacement therapy are those who suffer from:

  • REM sleep disorders
  • Prostate inflammation leading to frequent nighttime urination
  • Migraine headaches
  • And many other medical issues

Why you should choose Iuventus Medical Center for melatonin hormone replacement therapy

Iuventus Medical Center is the best place in Nevada to get melatonin replacement therapy in Las Vegas for several reasons. The foremost reason for choosing our clinic is our staff. We have an office of professional and skilled doctors and medical assistants who know best how to address your medical needs while providing you with rewarding customer experience. Secondly, our medical center offers the most cost-effective and affordable treatment in the state, providing its patients with low-cost alternatives to other outpatient clinics.